On Evaluating WordPress Plugins

Over the past year or so I have accumulated a bunch of WordPress plugins I want to check out to see if I might have use for them.  I also do WordPress programming and some plugins serve as great reference examples and learning experiences.

I have tested out 100+ plugins so far and I would say I have thrown 80% out.   I'll write a future post on my evaluation experiences but they key take aways are:

  • If it doesn't work pretty much right away -> delete.  Many other options out there
  • I tested on my development server environment that has Xdebug loaded.  You trigger a Xdebug dump -> delete.
  • I click on a settings screen and the plugin spews php code at me -> delete.
  • I'm sure I have missed some really great plugins I would find valuable.  I usually look at the screenshots section on WordPress Plugins.  These are valuable.  Surprising how many authors do not include a screenshot for perspective users.

So on to work through the R-Z plugins.  Nice to have some time to finally look through these.